1. Name: This organization will be called the ‘Monroe High School Athletic Hall of Fame’ and will be known as the HoF in further references in this document.

2. Purpose: To recognize Monroe High School student-athletes and contributors who have distinguished themselves by virtue of their performance in interscholastic athletics while associated with Monroe High School. The sport(s) must be recognized by the OHSAA as stated in their By-Laws in Section 1-5-1.

3. Induction Criteria: ‘Hall of Fame’

  • Must have an outstanding past record in athletics while a student at Monroe High School.
  • Must have exhibited sportsmanship, character and good citizenship on and off the field of play during high school years as well as after graduation.
  • Must have participated and graduated at least ten (10) years prior to the award.
  • Must not be a member of the Selection Committee when considered for induction into the HoF. If any Standing or Selection Committee member’s relative is nominated, the committee member will abstain from voting
  • Coaches, administrators and athletic directors must not be a district employee at the time of nomination. They may be considered for membership because of their contributions to Monroe High School athletics.
  • Must have nominations forms with information on file before being considered for membership into the HoF; however, extenuating circumstances may be considered and reviewed by the Selection Committee.
  • Must be free of violations of the law.
  • Once nominated, the nomination form stays in the active file and can be updated at any time.

4. Induction Criteria: ‘Hall of Achievement’

Each year the Selection Committee may select at least one candidate for this recognition. Persons qualifying for this award are Hornet fans, Athletic Booster Club members and media personnel. Criteria include the following: Must have exhibited an extraordinary level of support of Monroe High School athletics.

5. Selection Process: a. Community members will submit completed nomination
forms to the Standing Committee by the published deadline.
b. The Standing Committee will retain all original nomination forms and provide one copy of all submitted forms to the Selection Committee chairperson.
c. The Selection Committee will select up to five
(5) candidates for induction into the HoF.
c. The selection Committee may also induct a Coach and/or Administrator if candidates are deemed eligible.
d. Voting will not be secret.
e. Candidates shall be selected by a majority vote.
f. Statements a and b are guidelines for the Selection Committee; however if the Selection Committee at some point in time feels a need to change the guidelines, such changes may be submitted to the Standing Committee for approval.
g. The Chairperson of the Selection Committee will submit the list of candidates to the Standing Committee for review and approval. The Standing Committee will make the final decision on all candidates.

6. Committees: Selection Committee

  • The Selection Committee will consist of six (6) members.
  • The committee members will select a Chairperson for a ‘1 year term’.
  • The 1st committee will consist of two persons selected for a ‘1 year’ term, two selected for a ‘2 year’ term and two selected for a ‘3 year’ term.
  • Future committee members will be selected for a ‘3 year’ term.
  • Replacements for retiring committee members will be administered by the Standing Committee.
  • The Standing Committee will consist of five (5) members.
  • A Chairperson will be selected for a ‘two year’ term.
  • Membership will not be for a set timeframe.
  • New members will be selected by the Standing Committee members with input from past Selection Committee members.
  • Policy, By-laws and guidelines will be managed by this committee.

7. Awards: The Standing Committee will select appropriate awards for 1) each inductee and 2) the HoF display.

8. Presentation: The Standing Committee will determine logistics, format and venue for presentations. (Revised 5/25/06)