History of the
Monroe High School
Athletic Hall of Fame

The Monroe High School Athletic Hall of Fame was started in 1982 by Gene Best, Dale Ridenour, Wilford Theis, Charles Sullivan, Carl Hollon, Donna Switzer, and Bill Pretty. The original class of inductees were : Lynn St. John, Alex Fultz Jr., Wilford Theis, Tony Schultheiss, Ralph Pickelsimer, Leonard Powell, Steve Strinko, and Dale Ridenour.

There was no one added until 2007 when a new Hall of Fame Committee was formed. Jane Murphy, Dutch Collins, Dave Malott, and Bob Miller were the Committee Members who revitalized the Hall of Fame. From 2007 to 2011 the following inductees were added. The 1942 Boys Basketball Team, Carl Hollon, Scott Miltenberger, Jane Murphy, Debbie Colliver, Stacey Williams, Steve Miltenberger, Dave Malott, Jeff Epperson, Don Garver, Gene Rice, Joe Urso, David Marshall, Peggy Miller-Kelley, Kurt Sarringhaus, Derek Fletcher, Bob Helsinger, Patricia Tannreuther, Dan Wells, and Justin Brittain.

In 2012 and 2013 there were no new nominations and no inductees for those years.

In 2014 the previous Committee retired and a new one was formed. The current members are Mark Osterman, John MacDonald, Mike Long, Stacey Williams, and Janna Proctor.