Hall of Achievements

Induction Class of 2014



Charles "Chuck" Soule

From his high school years as a student manager and athlete and later as a volunteer and now in his current position with the school, Chuck has served and aided Monroe Athletics for almost 50 years. He has given unselfishly of his time, knowledge and resources to make Monroe Athletics a better place.

There are few people as vital to our program as Chuck has been. He lives the true Hornet Pride every day and to list everything he does for our Athletic Program would be impossible.

So with this Hall of Fame Achievement honor we say thanks to Chuck for all he's done and all he continues to do.

Induction Class of 2011



Justin Brittain

Varsity lettered in Soccer, Track and Cross Country.

Justin received numerous awards and honors and most notably was named Hornet of the Year his senior year. His athletic ability is best illustrated by the fact that more than a decade following his graduation he still maintains the school track record in the 1600 Meter Run with a time of 4 minutes and 25.8 seconds. What makes this record exceptional is the fact that Justin was involved in a life changing accident that left him impaired with seizures that he was unable to predict. These limitations would have precluded an average individual from participating in the demands of most sporting events. But Justin was no ordinary individual. He overcame these limitations and went on to not only set records but was also able to participate in a variety of sports.

His passion for running helped him overcome his adversity and he not only excelled at running but was considered to be a team player and always encouraged his fellow students to overcome their limitations and strive to be the best that they could be. He was a true example of sportsmanship and character both on and off the field.

The fact that Justin donated his time to coaching younger players demonstrates his commitment to giving back to his community. His coaching taught the players more than just the game of basketball it also taught them about the importance of being responsible and dependable and the rare skill of never giving up and doing the very best you can do.

Justin made a significant contribution to not only sports but to the quality of being a giving and contributing citizen of the community. He was a role model and inspiration to many coming of age in high school and meeting the challenges that one faces as they transition from a teenager to an adult.

Justin’s accomplishments has outlived his short but significant life and he lives on through the Justin Brittain Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each year the fund provides students with scholarships for athletic and artistic achievement at Monroe Elementary and High School. These funds are used to expand the learning opportunities of students. Through this fund Justin’s life and accomplishments live on in the hopes and dreams of students each year.

Induction Class of 2008




David Malott


1954 - 1958

David Malott

David dedicated over 30 years of his life to the Monroe Sports Community. As a sports enthusiast he kept the official score books for both the girls and boys basketball games. He operated the game clock for the boys and girls basketball games. He was a crewmember for the football chain gang.

David used his time and skills to organize, build and remodel both the girls and boys locker rooms. He was instrumental in constructing and shaping the baseball diamonds.

David’s dedication to Monroe High School Athletics and Facilities helped advance Monroe’s athletic programs in both girls and boys sports. We honor David for his years of commitment!

Induction Class of 2007

Carl Hollon


1945 - 1948


Varsity lettered in Baseball and Basketball

Carl was not only an outstanding athlete he dedicated over forty-five years of his life to the Monroe sports community. He used his time and skills to organize, improve, and advance Monroe’s athletic programs and facilities. As a statistician and historian, he kept the record books for hundreds of football and basketball games. As an enthusiastic announcer for home football and basketball games, he became a hometown icon.

Induction Class of 2019


James Brashear

Jamie and his family moved to Monroe in 1988 and as a Freshman became a member of the Sports Medicine Program for Stu Wilson.

He worked tirelessly for all sports and all seasons. It would not be unusual for Jamie to be at the school every night, covering multiple activities at the same time. He continued with the Sports Medicine Program throughout his high school career.

Jamie also played Tennis his Junior year and was named the team’s Most Improved Player.

Although Jamie graduated in 1992, he has continued to be committed to Monroe High School Athletics. He volunteers on Football Friday Nights helping however he can on the side lines. He is also the Clock Operator for many of our sports and his ability to run multiple boards at the same time makes him stand out as one of the best in Ohio. He is well known among the officials and well respected by them.

He has become a fixture at Monroe High School and Monroe Athletics, always wanting to help in any way that he can. For close to 30 years now, Jamie has been one of the biggest fans Monroe Athletics has known.

Today we honor Jamie with this Hall of Fame Achievement honor and we say thanks for all he’s done and all he continues to do.

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