My handwriting has always been terrible, but I'm learning how to create and replicate fonts and lettering. I admire the creativity and design elements that are put into creating fonts.

"Let's Tell the World" part 2

Medium- Tombow calligraphy pen


"Let's Tell the World" part 1

Medium- Tombow calligraphy pen

I was eating at Jimmy John's when I heard this song play for the first time.


"Hold Back the River" Text Block

Medium- Pen

This was one of my first attempts in lettering and design.


Steph #1

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I didn't know the first thing about calligraphy, typography, or lettering, so I drew whatever I thought would look interesting or visually appealing.



Medium- Mechanical pencil

Slowly but surely I was getting more and more into lettering and calligraphy. I started out using a pencil, then eventually got more comfortable with pens.