It's the begininng of a new year, and life drums on. You wake up in a cold sweat, with eyes filled with crust from a bad night's sleep. You slowly and gingerly step in front of the curtains and with a sudden burst of the little energy you have gathered inside, you forcefully draw back the curtains to reveal a dark and gloomy landscape, filled with the yellow crunchy grass all around. Life sucks. On a slow and drowsy Monday, you regretfully begin to get ready for the days work ahead of you and whatever dole events life has planned for you today. Your spirit is quite frankly, broken. You desperately wish you could change things up a little, and maybe experience something you'll never forget for the rest of your days.

While you stumble into the bathroom to brush your teeth, you dream of a paradise world. Perhaps somewhere brighter, with surprises and experiences on the streets that stretch for miles and miles. You stumble out to bland coffee and soggy cheerios, instead of a delicious warm croissant or other treats.

As you walk out to the car, you wonder how the people in your paradise gets to their daily functions on a day to day basis. Cars are probably a non-factor, as traffic and parking can be a giant hassle. Other means of transportation such as biking, subways, trains and even just flat out walking are probably better.

The workday has come and gone. Another boring day, filled with the same repetitive motions. Second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour. You see the same faces, and make small talk, which is about it. Other than the 30 minute break you get for lunch, work is the same old same old.

Fortunatly, little old intelligent you, you realize spring break is coming and now may be the time to find out something unique about the world. But where to go? You have a little pocket of cash in the ol' account just waiting to be spent. Maybe somewhere international? Maybe, maybe. You know you want to experience something greater. Somewhere where the skies and clouds are touched by the giant structures, but the atmosphere is still friendly to the people way down below. Where the smells of warm and exotic meals settle in your head. Somewhere where life was meant to be spent. That's it you think. I have always wanted to visit Paris, France.

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