The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is an american cartoon series created by Maxwell Atoms for Cartoon network on june 9th 2000. The show follows a trio of characters, Billy, Mandy, and Grim, as they go on magical adventures through different dimensions and worlds. In the first episode it is revealed that the only reason Grim is Billy and Mandy's friend is because they beat him in a game, forcing him to be their best friend forever. the show uses childish jokes and wacky sound affects to offset its somewhat dark nature, Despite this childish humor and sound effects the creepy parts of the show are very noticable and memorable. "Nightmare fuel",is a term used to describe some imagery in the show, stuff like a bunny with flesh missing is kinda dark for a kids show.

The grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy had very little continuity, events would happen in the show and would have no effect on any characters or locations, aside from the rare mention of events from a previouse episode. for example in the episode "Little Rock of Horrors" Billy ends up feeding all of his friends to an alien from outer space, after this episode this event is never mentioned or referenced again, all characters are still around and have not been effected by the event. I think this lack of continuity really made each episode feel like a new adventure, there wasnt a thick plot that needed multiple episodes to explain. each epidosde was something new.

Before its cancellation in 2008 the show succeeded in creating 6 seasons of Billy and Mandy and creating three Billy and Mandy movies, a christmas special and a few crossover episodes.

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