The Grim Reaper aka Grim (Greg eagles), he is the incarnate of death, coming to the our world to claim the souls of the dead and take them to "The other side". In episode one "Meet The Reaper", Grim comes to take the soul of Billy's Hamster,Mr Snuggles.Not wanting Mr Snuggles to die the children make a deal with death, if they beat grim in a game he will take both Mr Snuggles and Billy's soul, if he loses he will spare them and become the childrens best friend forever, grim loses a limbo competition and is forced into servitude to the children. Grim claims to hate billy and mandy, often fantisiszing about killing them or letting them be taken away by a monster of some sort. despite this, it is revealed in other episodees that grim actualy cares about them, often saving them even tho their deaths would mean his freedom. Although Grim is supposed to be death itself he is actualy a big softy, loving to bake and often crying when Billy and Irwin make fun of him with a "yo mama" joke.






Mandy ( Grey Delisle), is a manipulative, mean and routhless little girl who is the best friend of grim and billy.Mandy is extremely heartless and at times cruel, she intimidates most people and monsters , including her parents who are genuenly afraid of her, often times avoiding her and cowering in her presesnce. Mandy desires to dominate the world, even succeeding in some episodes. Her relationships with her friends is somewhat complicated, she regards herself as grims master and she often treats billy as a servant more than a friend, despite her aggressive personality and her friends fears of her , she is shown to care about them, especialy billy who is the only person she allows to have physical contact with her and is the only person we see mandy actualy worry about. in the movie Big Boogy adventure, billy is dragged underwater and after six hours mandy is seen crying over her missing friend. the second thing she cares about is her dog Saliva, a small dog that drools a lot, in some episodes mandy forces grim to let saliva chew on his bones and bury him in the yard. before each episode mandy apears and talks to the audience , often saying something sarcastic or creepy, once all she did was point and let out an inhuman scream.



Billy (Richard Steven Horvits) is a dumb fun loving little boy . Billy is the nicest of the trio , often being the one who wants to help something or goof off, but Billy has had moments where he causes violence and destruction for no reason. on acount of hi being very stupid, having an IQ of negative five, Billy tends to not think about things before doing them, for example when Grim tells Billy not to do something becase it will hurt or kill him, billy does it anyway. Gross would be one way to describe Billy, often in the show we can see billy eating his boogers and toe jam. Billy is afraid of clowns , in the show this goes from terror to pure hatred of clowns. he also hates spiders, there is a giant spider named jeff who claims billy is his father, Billy of course is terrrified of Jeff

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