In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy there are a lot of character that regularly apear in the show. some of these character play a larg roll as an antagonists , others are just kinda there to move the episodes along and on occasion some of these reacurring characters stick around for the duration of the episode, sometimes being the premis of the episode.

The firts recurring character i want to talk about is Nergal, a demon from the center of the world who kidnaps Billy and Mandy because he is very lonely, the first couple times we see Nergal he is trying to make friends , but is unsuccesful and ends up trying to force people to be his friend. later in the series Nergal becomes billys uncle when he marries his Aunt Sis, now if we see Nergal he his with his wife and no longer tries to kidnap people.

Nergal Jr is the child of Nergal and Aunt Sis, and like his father he has trouble making friend, never keeping a friend for more than an episode. Nergal Jr is a shapeshifter, we never see his true form , only the form of a child he turned into and presumably killed during his first appearance on the show. Jr is very introverted and gothic, having a bad view on the world he assumes everyone hates him. jr and mandy actualy dated in the episode " The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever". But this didnt last as its revealed that mandy never liked him and only dated him to get Jr and Irwin to fight and hurt each other for her amusement. aside form afew episode Jr is a background character and has very little to say.

Eris is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, whenever eris is in an episode she is usualy there to cause large amounts of damage. she has tried to brainwash chidren, gives kids mythical creaters, and she once destroyed Billys house with giant zombie lobsters. Eris dated Hoss, she claimed he brought some order to her crazy life. Hoss later broke up wither her claiming when he was with her he couldnt hunt monsters. Eris didnt take the breakup well

Hoss Delgado is a spectral extirminator , he specializes in hunting down and destroying monsters, ghosts,ghouls and really anything that is evil. Hoss has a missing hand that he uses to attach different tools and weapons to like a chainsaw. Hoss use to be very skinny and weak and was beaten by a trafic cone named kyle, then by sheer will power Hoss became muscular. the first time we meet hoss he is trying to kill Grim but in later eipisode's he is not after grim. Hoss lost his eye from runnung with scissors he now wears an eye patch.

Irwin is billy's friend, his true mother is a mummy and his grandfather is dracula , but for the most part he seem completely human.Irwin is the nerd of the show, having glasses nad often doing homework or studying, he is also a coward, being scared of most things and going to the bathroom on himself when danger is present. is has been stated by irwin multiple times that he wears diapers. Irwin has a crush on mandy, very often he hits on her or asks her out, this usualy ends with mandy beating him up. in episodes where irwin is given power, he abuses it and takes over the world, once brain washing Mandy with magic and forcing her to marry him. This behavior is suspected to come from the part of him that is part Mummy and Vampire or Mumpire

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