I am Kenzie Hall

I am 15 years old and live in Monroe, Ohio. I love theatre with a burning, flaming passion. I've been in countless musicals and plays. Some of my favorites have been The Little Mermaid (I played Ariel), Anything Goes (Erma), and The Secret Garden (Mary). I hope to be enrolling in Butler Tech School of the Arts next year. Fingers crossed! I'm sure I'll update you guys about that. My absolute DREAM would be to pursue musical theatre as a career, because seriously, I probably will never be happy if I'm not performing.

I am a proud vegan, so guess what kind of recipes I'll be putting on here? That's right! Vegan recipes. I guess I would be considered a HCLF Rawtill4 vegan (look it up), but I will be posting raw vegan recipes as well.