Marching Band is alot of work but is also alot of fun. There are Professional, Collage and High School levels. I speak from personal experince when Im talking about marching band. Its one of the most difficult things To do because it requires a massive amount of concentration and is physically demanding. When people say Marching band is easy their wrong you have to work hard to do good. Most people when they say marching band is easy have never even been in band and have no expirince with it. Marching bands have even existed hundreds of years ago the military used Instruments to Issue orders across a battlefield, do wake up calls and more.

Today we use Marching bands for entertianment At half time for collage and High school football games We have in america Drum and Bugel cores. The military use their bands still but their bands no longer issue commands on the battlefield. there are other bands all over the world But all mainly exist for entertianment now.

Lets go with High School bands first Im curently in my second year of marching band so Ive got some expirince. we usally have fairly small shows when compared to other bands but we still have to work just as hard we learn to march on step. we also learn to play are instrumnets while moving we hardly ever stop moving unless there is a hold in are drill chart thats the only time were still. There are many things to look at other than those but those two are really big. other things to learn are horn angles music memorized.

At Collage level you have even more work the best collage band is Ohio States marching band. If you notice they are always having a different show every few weeks. They all have to have silver instruments as one of their requirements and they take only drums and brass into their band. There are other reasons for them being a great band.

Then theirs Professional level stuff like the Military bands and Drum and Bugel Corps. These you have to be really good to get in through adutions. toget in this level requires alot of work.