There are many different car brands in this world, from Honda to Nissan, from Ford to Chevrolet. There are super car brands from Lamborgini to Pagani, Bugatti to Porshe. They all strive for the same thing, to build the best cars in the world. I don't think this is achievable, because perfection is just an idea. We’ve always heard “no one is perfect” so how can a car be? The Nissan 350z is considered to be perfect by Nissan, but that car has flaws, to some its considered unreliable and unpredictable. Pagani considered the Zonda to be a perfect car, but once it got into the public's hands it was ripped to shreds. The Mercedes v12 was simply just too loud to go to the track or drive around town so the car is pretty much useless if you can't go anywhere or have any fun with it what's the point.