Bowling is a team sport, and is one of the most played now a days. Everyone can play, and it can be really fun too. However, you must know how to play as well. It does not take that much to know how to play. All you have to do is roll a ball down a wooden lane and hit as many pins as you can. Sound familiar? You probably saw somthing like that on the home page. But if you want to play competitively, that is a different story. You are going to need to get strikes. So let me tell you how to do it.

  • Your goal is to hit all ten pins on every roll. If you are able to pull this off, you will score a perfect 300 score. You must get all strikes though. You can roll the ball two times every frame. If you knock down all ten pins with two rolls, it is considered a spare. If your ball goes off of the lane into the side gaps, it is considered a gutter, and you will have what they call an "open frame".

  • During bowling matches, you must have respect for the other team. I know that may seem hard. Trust me it is. Here is what you must never do. You must never cut them off. Don't just walk in front of them when they are about to roll. Walk to the side on your side of the two lanes. Next, don't distract them. When your opponent is about to roll the ball, don't shout out something that will mess them up. That could get you kicked out of the game. The rest of the rules are simple minded such as; no food or drinks on the lane, no music players, and of course, no regular shoes on the wood. Other than that, you are good to go.
  • A bowling team consists of usually five team members. The team members will be put in competition against a selection of certain rival team members. Once the games have ended, your whole team will be put against the other team in what is called a baker game. A baker game is where each individual team member is given two frames of one game. So if you have five team members, and two frames per member, 5x2=10. So there for, a full ten frame game will be compleated. Usually, the best person on the team will be given the 10th frame since it is the frame where you get the chance to roll three times.
  • The scoring may seem pretty tough to understand, but it really is not. In team bowling, the winning team will be chosen depending on the team's score. Your individual score in the games before the baker games will affect the score. It all comes down to what you get on the baker games. You will usually play two baker games. Sometimes, you will even get to play three. It depends on the time you have left. The individual games might take a while to compleate since you are playing more than one game.
  • There is an area within the pins that you can aim for to guarentee yourself a strike. Its called the pocket, and it is the are between the head pin and the pin right next to it. It can be the 2nd pin or the 3rd pin, depending if you are a right handed or a left handed bowler.
  • Your lane will have a specific oil pattern. The oil pattern will affect the direction your ball is moving. If you are trying to hook the ball (refer to the techniques page), then the oil pattern will greatly affect your roll.
  • STAY CONFIDENT! I can not stress that enough. If you roll and don't get a strike, don't get down on yourself. You made a mistake? So what. We only make mistakes so we can learn from them. So pick yourself up and get a strike next time.
  • Make sure your approach is good. That is an important factor for getting a strike. Your approach should consist of four steps.
  • You must also make sure that you have the proper balance. When you keep your balance, you will roll the ball with good form and a good posture.

These are just a couple of tips on how to bowl. But belive me there are more. Dont take my word for it though. Click here to learn more.