Bowling dates back many years ago. With bowling there were some pretty good bowlers out there. Some were considered good. Some were considered very good. Some were even considered to be the best. This is a list of some professional bowlers.

-Pete Weber: If you mention P.B.A (Professional Bowling Association) to anyone, you will most likely here the name Pete Weber. Don't be suprised, because he is the sports most popular active bowler right now. He was won many PBA titles along with his father Dick Weber. In fact, Pete and his father Dick were the first Father-and-Son combination to win the PBA tour title. Some would consider him to be one of the best bowlers of all time.

-Dick Weber: Speaking of Pete Weber, we can't leave out his father Dick Weber. Dick Weber is a proud founder of the PBA. He has won multiple championships in his career. He introduced his son Pete Weber to the sport of bowling at the age of two. He trained him so well, that Pete started wining local bowling tournaments at the age of 15. He was playing against adult players as well.

-Jason Belmonte: This bowler has somthing special. Is it the fact that he rolls the ball with two hands? Yes, it is (good guess). But why he rolls with two hands is amazing. Jason Belmonte has an extreamely rare medical condition called Singular Chirophobia. This is the fear of using one hand. 1 in 7.5 billion people suffer from this condition every day. But the use of two hands while bowling has helped Belmonte to win many PBA titles in his career.

These are just some of the bowlers that are most known in the PBA. There are many more to learn about. So click here to find out more.