There is a roll that you can preform and master to get strikes very easily. It's called a hook. A hook is where you get your ball to curve as it is rolling down the lane. It can be very easy to preform as you master it, but it might take some work to master. With practice comes great results. There is a lot to explain when it comes to hooking a bowling ball, but I will shorten it up. First, make sure your approach is good. Then, as you are about to roll the ball, make sure that you are letting gravity take control of the ball as it is coming down. Last, when you are rolling, make sure you turn your wrist as if you are giving a handshake to someone. More like the head pin. Also, make sure your arm is going straight, not to the side. If you execute this roll perfectly, then you will see the ball curve as it is going down the lane! It can be exciting, but don't think that you will get it on your first try. You might get it, but you will most likely won't. It takes practice, so be patient. You know the saying "practice makes perfect" right?

There are many skills you must master before you can become an expert bowler. These skills include:

Keeping your balance when and after you roll.


Letting gravity take control of the ball. What I mean is when your arm is swinging down to roll the ball, just let gravity take control. If you try to roll the ball as fast as you can, then it will not go where you want it to go to get a strike.


Take all the time you need. No one is rushing you. Take a deep breath and go.


Find your mark. By this I mean to stand on the right dots. You are going to take a four step approach so you are going to stand on the closest set of dots to the lane. When you take your four step approach, you are going to start it with the left or right foot. It depends on what hand you are rolling the bowling ball with.


After you have let the ball go, make sure you swing the leg you started your approach with behind the last leg you are ending/ended with. This makes sure that you have enough room to roll the ball. It also makes sure that you dont hit your leg with the ball.

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