Also know as the "Devils Triangle," the Bermuda Triange has been a subject of a few authors over the years and a source of much debate, but i've decided to write my own observations gleaned from various sources.The area it comprises covers thousands of miles of Atlantic Ocean the most common points for the area are from San Juan, Puerto rico. Miami Florida and the island of Bermuda forming the actual triangle that gives it the name.See below for diagram.

Its one of the most mysterious and dangerous areas of the worlds oceans,responsible or blamed for the dissapearence of over 2,000 ships and 75 planes over a period of a few centuries that have vanishised without a trace.Lets look at some facts and theories about this enigma and readers can make their own conclusions.

The earliest known documentation of strange anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle were recorded by the then famous explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492 when he and his crew passed through area,on 11th October that year he recorded in his ships log that his crew had seen "strange dancing lights on the horizon","flames in the sky" and later he observed bizarre compass readings in the area.This was the first known recording of the strange occurance in the Bermuda Triangle leading to the discovery of the New World in 1492, after discovery of New World,countries sent galleons and ships to the New World and some recordings show a lot of these ships vanished without a trace also.Although modern researchers and salvage experts have found wrecks over the years of galleons and ships of that period,its not known with certainty how they sunk ?.

Lost Patrol Flight 19

The most intriguing and mostly published occurance is the disappearance of Flight 19 in 1945,on 5th December this year, 5 TBM Avengers rose into the sunny sky above NAS Fort Lauderdale Florida on a routine exercise heading east over the Atlantic, the weather over the training area was excellent,suddenly the tower recieves a call from the flight the flight leader sounds confused and worried "Cannot see land" he blurts,"we seem to be off course",Where is your position the tower asks,a few moments of silence followed, the tower personnal looked out into the clear blue sky looking to eyeball the flight.Then comes call from flight leader"We cannot be sure where we are,repeat we cannot see land".
Contact is lost with flight for about 10 mins and then it is resumed,but its not voice of flight leader,instead voices of the crews are heard sounding confused and disorientated "we can't find west"everything is wrong",we cant be sure of any direction".Everything looks strange even the ocean,another delay and then the tower operator learns that the leader has handed command over to another pilot for no apparent reason?.Twenty minutes later the new leader calls the tower his voice trembling and bordering on hysteria"we cant tell where we are...everything is...can't make out anything...we think we may be 225 miles northeast of base?.For a few moments the pilot rambles incoherently before uttering his last words ever from Flight 19..."it looks like we are entering white water....we're completly lost...".
Within minutes a Mariner Flying boat carrying rescue equipment is on its way to Flight 19's last know position,10 mins after takeoff,the PBM checks in with tower...and is never heard from again..?.
Coast Guard and Navel ships are scrambled and a massive search gets underway for the lost 6 aircraft,they find calm seas and clear skies and nothing else for 5 days they searched an area of over 250,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean,yet not a flare ,oil slick or any wreckage of the planes is found.
Finally after an extensive Navy Board of Enquiry is completed the riddle remains intact,with one terse statement "we are not able to make a good guess as to what has happened",though over the years researchers have suggested that they just ran out of fuel and crashed and the planes sank...but no-one can say for certain the exact nature of what happened that fateful date.

A number of theories have been put forward to try and explain these disappereances,they fall into two areas Natural phenomenon and unexplained phenomenon an overview of both.

Natural phenomenon

Methane gas pockets that appear randomly under a ship without warning dragging it to the bottom,experiments have shown it is possible,but no methane or gas pockets have occured in the Atlantic for over 15,000 years, so highly improbable.

Hurricanes and storms ,plausible but surely any ship or plane would have advance warning of these occurring so would alter course to avoid.

Tidal waves or rogue waves appearing all of a sudden,but these happen rarely and can happen in any of the worlds oceans.

Piracy,possible but area is to vast to launch an attack.

Unexplained phenomeon

UFO's and alien abduction,there have been reports of this over the years in the Triangle with books written putting forward this theory.

Time holes or vortexes suddenly appearing and drawing planes and ships into another dimension.

Fabled city of Atlantis using an ancient form of weapon beneath the ocean to vapourise ships and theory I don't accept :)

Whichever theory you look at no researcher ,scientist or expert can say with any certainty if any of these ring true,it would seem that the Bermuda Triangle will always remain a mystery and may never be solved even now over the last few years planes are still going missing though you want see it widely told in the media.I have added a link to a site solely dedicated to this area of study, click and visit if you want to know more.

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