This is a webpage about my life. It’s kind of conceited. Trust me, I know. But this is the one subject that I know absolutely everything about. If you actually take the time to go through this website, you will probably learn things about me that you never wanted to know. I’m kind of a psychotic person and there are a lot of things in my life, good and bad, that I could go into detail about but I’m not trying to go to prison today.


Okay, just to get it over with, here are the basics. My name is Bailey Ryan Jones. I was born January 11, 1998, meaning, I’m 16 years old. I have unfortunately been smothered by the city of Monroe since the day I was born. I have three sisters Taylor, Logan, and Sabrina. Taylor is currently 22 and VERY pregnant. Logan is 19 and we still fight like we’re five years old. And then there is Sabrina who is in fact, my half-sister and she acts more as my best friend than sister.


I live with my mom and nana in Monroe. My dad lives in Kentucky. My mom and dad have been divorced since I was two years old so it’s really nothing life changing. I absolutely love sports. My life revolves around them. I have played softball and football and I’ve been in marching band and cheerleading. You name it, I’ve probably played it. Okay, enough with the boring stuff. Click wherever to learn about me.