Infield: reasons for small glove up to 11.75in at most.
  1. The ball won't get lost in the glove when trying to get the ball out.
  2. Quicker hands on transferring the ball on double plays. 

Outfield: reasons for a larger outfield glove.

  1. Possibly a better extension on extending the glove for a fly ball on the run.
  2. Outfield gloves should be bigger but they don't have to be 13 inches or more to get the job done. 12-13in is good.

Pitchers: reasons for a small glove and a closed web for pitchers.

  1. 11.25-12in is a not too big and not too small, with a comfotrable fit.
  2. Main reason for the closed glove is so the hitters won't be able to see movement of hand.
  3. Pitchers won't give any tips on pitch coming with a closed web.

They're are typically four types of leather used for the glove.

1. "Grade A 100% Steer Hide" This leather feels stiff and firm when new and keeps its shape after break-in. This is a very durable and long lasting steer hide leather.

2. The next level of leather has these features:

  • Premium cowhide leather
  • Quicker break-in and game ready feel
  • Lighter in weight
  • Durable

3.  Select Hide is handcrafted from the top 3-percent of steer hides. The leather is thicker and more durable than other leathers. This allows the glove to remain firm and keep its shape over time. The Select Hide will form and mold to the player for the best control, feel, and durability.

4. Ultra Hide has these features:

  • Tighter grain strength 
  • Smooth and supple feel
  • Lighter weight 
  • Moisture wicking palm
  • Retains shape and forms to hand