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If you are a registered family daycare provider, a licensed group-family daycare provider, or a legally-exempt (informal) daycare provider, the State of New York has made you a member of CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO and you are now required to pay union dues.

Beginning on January 2, 2012 the State of New York is requiring Monroe County to withhold 2% of all daycare payments to family, group-family, and legally-exempt providers until a total of $690 has been withheld for the calendar year. The 2% withhold will then be forwarded to CSEA Local 1000 on your behalf.

For example, if you bill Monroe County for daycare services provided, and the amount due to you is $1,000, we will pay you $980 and forward $20 to CSEA Local 1000 on your behalf. We will continue withholding 2% of your payment each month until a total of $690 has been collected.

If you do not bill Monroe County for services, or if each month’s withholding does not add up to $690 by the end of the calendar year, you will receive a bill directly from CSEA Local 1000 for the balance due.

Chapter 540 of the Laws of 2010 added a new Article 19-c (Sections 695-a through 695-g) allowing daycare providers to organize themselves for the purpose of discussing with the State of New York the stability of funding, operations of daycare programs, and the expansion of ‘quality’ daycare.