Call of duty black ops 3: Is a first person shooter takinng place in the future. you play as a cyborg and you have three modes to play, campaign, multiplayer, and zombies.

star wars battlefront 3: Is a third person shooter taking place in the Star Wars universe. You can play as either the rebels or the empire, and there are a variety of game modes.

Assassin's creed syndicate: Is a third person stealth game, set during Londons industrial revolution. You play as an assassin and your ultimate goal is to take control of all of Londons gangs.

saints row 4: Is a choas game. Anything goes here and if you can descern a story line, then good for you. but otherwise its unadulterated mayhem an fun.

Mad  Max: Is a third person fighting and driving game that takes place in the Mad Maxm universe. You can fight in hand to hand combat or use your car as a ram.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Is a third person stealth/shooter game where you try to accomplish various missions given to you. When steath fails, them you fall back on the age old strategy of shoot anything that moves.

Dragon ball xenoverse: Is a third person fighting game that takes place in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Your goal is to save time from the people messing with it. You can also unlock a TON of characters to fight with in multiplayer battles