I want to be an author when I graduate. So, I have started writing now. I am currently working on four stories, the last one is the one I am most excited about.

Adventures in Xithose: This story takes place in a magical society that is invaded by another group of magic users, which strip the king of hismagic before being defeated. the king, now bitter at losing his magic, outlaws all magic. the main character is an unawakened magic user and dragon rider.

Unnamed Story 1: This story also entails magic, however it is widely accepted, and the main character is in wizard school and is about to graduate whn a civil war breaks out and he must choose a side.

Unnamed story 2: This story takes place in an ancient world with intelligent companion animals and a king that is conquering the land with a brutal army. there are two main characters and the story switches between their perspective. One is a lone wolf with two companion animals and legendary archery skills. The other is the leader of a band of warriors, each with their own companimal that try to repair the damage the king is causing.

Unnamed story 3: In a far off distopian future, a totalitarian government keeps an iron grip over the people. mind reading devices are implanted into childrens brains at birth, and closely monitered throughout their life. If you think dissadant thought against the government, or break any laws, enforcers come after you. Once the enforcers capture you, they bring you to the burners. burners inject you with an serum designed to fire all of your nerves at once, causing extreme pain and eventually driving you insane. afterwards, they upload your broken mind into a robotic body and you become a burner. However, if you stayed faithful to the government throughout your life, your consousness is uploaded to a robaotic body and you become an enforcer. The main character has been targeted by enforcers, and miraculously escapes them. He is now on the run and hunted everywhere. his only hope is to journey to the capitol to meet with the government in hopes of being exhonerated.