The Monroe Hornet Marching Band is a very big part of Monroe, Ohio's history.

Every student, from 8th grade to 12th, is so proud to be a hornet. Every alumni you ask that has been a part of this band will tell you that it was one of the greatest experiences of their life. You make many life long relationships from this band, and the spirit has lived through every class since the band started.

This amazing band has played "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnatti along with "The Jackson 5" singing along in the microphone. They have been in countless parades over the years, and have continued to march with pride.

When the drums play, you can hear them all the way across town. Everyone in Monroe knows when band camp is happening at the school.


Every section of instruments has their own traditions and mascots. These mascots sit on the bear at band camp to keep from being stolen (by other sections.) It's quite an interesting and comical picture to see all of the mascots on the Bear. This is just another of the many traditions that this band has.

Page created by Ally Meyer, Head Bear, 2015-2016