This is the Bear.

He is:

The pride

The motivation

The dedication

The devotion

and the tradition of the band

For over 60 years, the Bear has been a part of the Monroe Hornet Marching Band's history. He has been passed down from the seniors to the juniors every year since the day he was created. The ceremony of his passing down takes place on the last evening of band camp. The Bear symbolizes everything that the band has accomplished and exceeded in. But he also represents everything the band will achieve in the future as well. He is what motivates the band to continue to love what they do.
One of the coolest traditions that go along with the Bear is the Snake Dance. After a home victory of the football team, the Head Bear of that year will put the bear on their shoulders, and lead a very, very, very large "follow the leader." This tradition is very important to the band. It is something that everyone really enjoys. Here is a video of the snake dance from 2014...



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