Decades are a period of ten years that in terms of music is monumental, everybody has a favorite decade for music Some people love the 50s but can't stand the 70s. Every ten years or so there is a drastic change in music, if you compare Cream to Elvis Presley you will notice that Cream is faster and harder than Elvis, even though a decade changes how the music is played it still relies on the decade before because there is an evolution of music, you can't go from Bach to Elvis and then to Five Finger Death Punch, It's not going to happen Because music is like a child, you're not going to start crawling and then immediately after start driving a car, it's just not going to happen, so here is a page on how rock changed.


In the 50s Rock was born so basically it was a child, and as a child it is still learning and starting to form its character, in this case it is changing how you play the guitar and drums. In the 50s Rock was very similar to blues with slight differences.


The 60s is the last decade I will talk about, because it is the decade that set Rock down the course it is on. In the 60s people changed everything, faster guitars, louder drums, stronger vocals, this led to hard rock which is a lot like Rock just with a little bit more power. I have an example of 60s rock to the left, enjoy.