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Here you can see information on Mew, Merchandise of Mew, Mews made by fans, and Appearances in episodes and movies!

Promotional Art by Ken Sugimori

As for Mew itself, it is a Mythical Pokemon from the Kanto reigon. In the Poke'Dex, it is numbered at 151 after Mewtwo and before Chikorita. It is a pink feline-like Pokemon with Psychic powers and piercing blue eyes. It's shiny form is a beautiful blue color with the blue eyes still remaining their original color.

There have been numerous times that Mew has been offered to players. The first time Mew's name made it a staple Pokemon was in 1995 when a glitch was discovered in Pokemon Red and Blue. The glitch, complex as it is, allowed players to recieve a legitimate Mew. This elusive Pokemon was only availible via glitching at the time because one of the game's programmers swiftly added the Pokemon in before it was released onto store shelves all across Japan.

In 2005, Mew had it's first official event. It was given to players who had copies of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, or Fire Red in Japan only. The players were given an Old Sea Map and were told to board the game's ship with it in the bag. They would then arrive to Faraway Island, to chase, battle, and capture Mew.


One factor that Mew has over other Pokemon is it's astounding ability to learn every move that is on a TM (Technical Machine used to teach Pokemon new moves). Another factor Mew has while fighting is it's ability Sychronize, which shares status problems (poison, paralysis, freezing, etc.) with the opponent that dealt the problem. It's a nifty ability when it comes to fighting!


Fun Facts!:

There are 26 availible cards for Mew. The most expensive card is $200.00!

Mew is the ancestor of all current Pokemon, even those that were man-made.

Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, made from one of Mew's eyelashes.

There are over 50 plushes of Mew, some going for $100.00!

Mew is the last Pokemon in the Kanto Dex.