With 26 printed cards and plushes and figures too many to count, Mew is one of the more famous and sought-after Pokemon from long-forgotten Kanto.

Below, you can gaze at some of the merchandise that captures this amazing Pokemon.




Deluxe Mew Figure

Japan-Only Mew Figure: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew





Takara TOMY Re-Make 2016

Battle Frontier Mew Figure








Star Mew Plush

1:1 Scale Mew Plush

Mew Poke'Doll


UFO Prize Mew












Some rare Mew merchandise can go for as high as $200.00. The Shining Mew card and the 1:1 Scale Mew plush are such rare items. Mew collectors long to have these items given the money and offer.


However, some merch is easier to come by. Merchandise like the Battle Frontier Figure and the Mew Lv. 40 card are cheap due to how availible they are. Yet it doesn't take away from the excitement on finding a good deal on rare items.


If you wish to shop for the newer Mew items, visit the Pokemon Center website under the Mew search filter!