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Catcher: Receives the ball, holds and throws out runners, calls game.

Pitcher: Throws softball to batter.

Batter: Makes attempts to hit ball with a bat thrown by the pitcher, drops bat when they have hit the ball, run to first base and try to make it there before the ball does.

First baseman (infielder): Catch throws at first base to prevent the other team from scoring.

Second baseman (infielder): Catch balls at second base, as well as help the first baseman, or throw balls to the pitcher to help eliminate the opponent, depending on where the ball ends up. 

Shortstop (infielder): The shortstop stands between the second and third bases, and is responsible for balls that end up in that area. A person playing shortstop has many responsibilities, including catching and fielding, they are very versatile and agile players.

Third baseman (infielder): Catch the hits that land around their area, throw the ball, if they get it, to the catcher before the opponent reaches the home plate.

Outfielders (right, center, left): The outfielders are positioned outside the area marked by the four bases (infield square), with the right one standing closest to first base. Outfielders catch and throw balls that fly out of the infield, backing up their teammates at the bases. Because of their distance from the rest of the game, outfielders are usually strong throwers.