This is the About Page, where you can find Alot of information about the page.

1. I did all my research on American Kennel Clubs website.
2. If you want to adopt a dog from them go to there website.

3. This page has facts about different dogs.

4. The Care section doesn't go for every dog, you might want to try different techniques for more alert dogs.
5. Every dog is different so if the techniques I give you don't work then try and find new techniques.

I have a Great Pyrenees and you can read about her in the breeds section. I love talking about my dog because she's not very common. I will also be getting one or two Samoyeds. I will talk about them a little bit as well in the breeds section as well. I want to focus on the Breeds that not many people know about so if your want to know the Most rarest breeds around go and head to the breed section. I got my information on the American Kennel Club website. They have categories for groups of dogs if your looking for a working dog they got those groups.