Boxing  is known as a combat sport in which two opponents, wearing special protective gloves, throw punches (and only punches) at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring. A "boxing match" typically consists of a determined number of three-minute rounds, a total of up to 9 to 12 rounds. A minute is typically spent between each round with the fighters in their assigned corners receiving advice and attention from their coaches and staff. The amount of time the boxers spend in the ring depends on what kind of match they're fighting in. Championship matches usually last longer than regular matches because they have more rounds.



Image shows an example of what a boxing match may look like.

The object of the sport is to win the match by outscoring the opponent, points can be scored in several ways. Another way top win is by making the opponent unable to continue the match (aka knocking out the opponent). Click here if you want to learn more about the sport of boxing.





Image shows an example of the type of gloves used in a boxing match.