There are so many canvases to create on with do many medias. Card decorating is a favorite of mine since it allows me to personalize the card. Lately, I've been using a whiteboard to practice my drawing and calligraphy skills as it allows me to make mistakes but also be precise.

    I wanted a more party themed card, and what's a party without balloons.  
    This was a very simple card to do but required percision.  
    Eyes in the dark has a classic "spooky' vibe that I enjoy.  
    I wanted to do a more classy Halloween card but also make it shine. This is one of my favorite cards.  
    Halloween is so much fun to create cards. I wanted to do a classic spooky house vibe for this card.  
    This was a birthday card for a Cavs fan.  
Back to Top   This was one of the more elaborate cards I've done.  
    I love white on pastel colors. The colors create a more gentle and sophistocated feeling in my opinion.  
    Using a white pen, gemstones, and lots of glitter, I created my own night sky.  
    I bought a botanical set of cards, and butterflies immediately came to mind. I used white wax and a wax seal to create the butterflies. Then I used pens and a brush to color them. I then added gold as an accent.  
    I was playing around with some glitter when i thought about mermaid scales. I didn't want to overwhelm the tail but wanted that magical feeling.  
    For Valentine's Day I made my friend this card using a gold and black pens.  

Damien Haas

Medium- Dry erase markers

I wanted to see if I could draw a portrait using a whiteboard and dry erase markers.

    I'm a big fan of skinnier fonts paired with rounder cursive fonts.  
Back to Top   I've always wanted to get better at text composition, and this was good practice.  
    Writing on whiteboards is very fun since mistakes can either be erased easily or cause you to start over again.  

Share a Coke

Medium- Oil pastel and pen (Bic Intensity Fine)

For my art final, the task was to morph two things together. I chose a Coke bottle and a guitar because of the "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" commerical. Overall, I'm really pleased with how it came out.



Medium-Pen (Bic Intensity Fine)

This is a pagoda outlined in pen and shaded with multiple dots.



Medium- Oil pastel

I used oil pastel to capture the vibrant colors of the peacock. This is probably one of my favorite creations.


Converse Pumpkin

Medium- Pumpkin and carving tools

For Halloween I wanted to do something different than your normal pumpkin carving. Instead of a face, I carved out a Converse high top with the logo in the top right corner.


Lotus Evora

Medium- Pencils

I don't normally draw cars, but this was a fun change of pace.


Cave Adventures

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I love to draw mermaids, and I was thinking about what mermaids would do and explore.

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Flower Picking

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I really enjoy sketches that look unfinished or not completely polished up. Since I drew so many flowers, Ii felt that the contrast of the completed mermaid and the unfinished flowers would look interesting.