What makes an Underdog?

by: Taj Simmons

An underdog as defined by the dictionary, a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. It is in these moments in history that has showed the world that the underdog can be the most fearful person or team in the entire world. At one point in everyone's lives, they have been the one expected to lose, they have been the smaller one or the insignificant one. Only to come out on top, triumphant as ever. A true underdog has many different qualities that help them survive in the face of a great challenge. An underdog shows great strength in the darkest of times, they have a certain grit within them that can power them through. They embrace the challenge of whatever is being thrown at them, it's the wind beneath their wings, their way of life. Underdogs show hustle and are resourceful with what is given to them. Nothing can be wasted or else their dream will be wasted alongside with them. Underdogs have no fear inside them becuase they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Underdogs use this a way to rally the people behind them fighting alongside them. They not only create a sense of winning for themselves, but for everyone. When the fight is over, and the dust has settled, only to see the one person or group you'd least expect on top of the hill, you too will know the true meaning of an underdog. Wheter the odds are losing a whole a way of life, a product, a chance to be a leader, or simplying winning a game in a sport, the feeling is as intense and passionate. So the next time you enter battle with the names of loser, longshot, darkhorse, a David against the Goliath, or an underdog, ringing fresh in your ears. embrace it, because it's a great name to have after your triumph.