#5John Wall

The 5th best point guard in my opinion is John Wall.. John wall has deservered the 4th spot because he is playing well every night. He is balling every night and is one of the quickest and has one of the best shots in the Nba. He averaged 23.1 points per game with 10.7 assits per gams and also 2 steals per game. But on the bad side he coughed up a career high 4.1 turnovers per game which can really change a game therefore he couldnt carry washington to the playoffs. John Wall is a six time all star who deserves to be in the top 5 but I cant rank him higher then the 5th spot.

#4Chris Paul

The 4th best point guard in the NBA in my personal opinion is Chris Paul. He can do it all really he has all the attributes you need. Paul averaged 18.1 points per game along with 9.2 assists per game and 5 rebounds per game. Which is really good for a 32 year old. He isnt as young and as fast as the other people on this list thats why I have him at number 4. A hand injury last spring that setback Chris Paul but he still deserves to be in the top 5. He is a very competitive guy who wants to get his teamates involved and get them shots. He can also get to the rim though and can hit the outside shot or do other things to take over the game. Thats why I think he deserves the 4th spot.

#3Kyrie Irving

The 3rd best point guard in the NBA in my opinion is Kyrie Irving. Kyrie has amazing talent and helped get the cavs their 1st champonship. He has some of the best handles in the NBA and had a amazing perfomance in the playoffs and the finals last year. Kyrie averaged 25.2 points per game during the regular season with the cavs along with 5.8 assists per game and snatched 3.2 rebounds per game. Kyrie is a dominate force that deserves to be one of the most elite point guards in the NBA.


#2Stephen Curry

The 2nd best point guard in the NBA is Steph Curry. You have to give it to him he can ball. Steph is one of the best shooters we have ever seen in the history of the NBA. He averaged 25.3 points per game along with 6.6 assists per game and grabbed 4.5 rebounds per game. He shot 41% from the 3 point line and 46% from the field. He has handles and can create open looks when he wants and can take on anybodywhicgh would most likely turn into a bucket for Steph. I have him at #2 because he just didnt put up such an amazing year as the person in the number 1 spot did. He is one of the best ever and deserves to be in the #2 spot.

#1Russell Westbrook

The best point guard in the NBA is Russel Westbrook. You have to give it to him this guy can play. First off he won the MVP of every player which means technically he is the most valuable player in the NBA until the next one wins. He broke a recored people didnt think would be broken. The single season triple double record which went on for 55 years and was set by Oscar Robinson back in 1961-62 season. He averaged 31.6 points per game with 10.7 rebounds per game and and 10.4 assits per game. This guys is the best in the NBA no doubt.