Conditioning drills


4 Ball pick up

In this drill, balls are placed on 4 points along one side line: at the net, between the net and the service line, at the service line, and between the service line and baseline. The player runs from the baseline and stoops to pick up the first ball, runs back to the baseline and puts down the ball, then immediately runs to get the next ball. It is basically a shuttle run.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular activity that also develops quick footwork. It also helps to make the legs more explosive.

Sprint Stops

 The player simply sprints as fast as he or she can from one cone to the other then jogs back. This is done back and forth. This drill develops speed.

Shuffle Stops

With two cones placed 10 yards apart, the player shuffles side wards from one cone to the other. Upon reaching the second cone, he/she sprints back to the first cone. After 3 repetitions, he/she reverses direction, shuffling to the other side and repeating the whole process. This is helpful for the constant side to side movement during long baseline rallies.