Batman, is known for working alone but that dosent stop him from getting assistance from time to time


Robin, batmans most well known allie and sidekick. But there isnt just one Robin, there have been several Robins, some were killed battlint a foe , one even moved on and became nightwing, because there are different Robins, each would have his own origin story, so we will go with the original. Robin was an acrobat whos faqmily was killed he was then adopted by Bruce wayn and was trained to be Robin.

Batgirl, The female counterpart of Batman. Barbara gordon the daughter of commisioner gordon by day a librarian by night batgirl, on her way to a costume party she was dressed as a female version of Batman. she intervened an attempt to kidnap Bruce Wayne, Attracting the dark knights attention and leading to a crime fighting career

Commissioner James Gordon is the commissioner of the GCPD, who shares Batmans deep commitment to ridding the city of crime. while Gordon does not approve of Batmans methods, He knows that he is the hero Gotham needs and with some of the police force being corrupt Gordon finds Batman as auseful ally.