Batman has many villians, far too many to count,the fallowing villians will just be few of the most well known and the faverated among most Batman fans.

The joker is one of Batmans most well known villians and most deadly, his actual origin is unknown but comics and movies have speculated that the joker fell into a vat of chemicals during an incounter with the Batman the accident caused him to look the way he does now and that day turned him crazy. It was his "One bad day " as he refers to it.

The joker constantly does awful things to try and make batman break his code, He believes even the most sane man can be made as crazy as he is ,with just one bad day, The jokers methods are extreme he is referd to as the "jester of genocide" due to the imeaserable body count, the joker uses everthing from guns to knives he even has special gas called Joker venom which when inhaled causes the victims to laugh to death and develop a devilish smile. the joker is known for his evil laugh, he has a very high pain tolerence and desires nothing making him very difficult to bargain with.


Dr Harleen Quinzel, also known as Harley Quin.Is The side kick and lover of the joker, her story begins as a psychologist at Arkham Asylum, Harley was an exceptional doctor who became fascinated with one of the patients(Joker). Overtime she fell inlove with him, Helping him escape several times before she was locked away , after her escape , Harleen Quinzel became Harley Quin and went to be with joker. While this sounds like a love story its anything but, the joker abuses Harley often and throws her out of his life, but she always comes back.



The Penguin ( Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot) is one of Batmans oldest foes he is an eccentric criminal mastermind known as much for his love of Ornithology and trick umbrellas, The Penguin unlike most of batmans main villians is not crazy so his confontations are less intense he deals in more quiet mob crime, batman will use him for information from time to time, The Penguin has an arsenal of deadly umbrellas, some with guns or blades inside of them.

Poision Ivy(Dr. Pamela isley)is another one of Batmans known enemies she has control over plants , she is more plant then human having toxins in her bloodstream. being an ecoterrorist most of her crimes are for the good of nature,too bad she thinks the best thing for nature is having people out of the picture.Ivy like most characters has had her story retold again and again but in the original version , ivy was seduced by Marc Legrande, she steals ancient herbs he then attempts to posion her she wakes up with all of her new abilities