NFL history goes far back and all started with the Merger.The Merge was the coming togather of two American Football legues the NFL (National Football Legue) and the AFL (American Football Legue).The sport world would change forever making one football legue and becoming the biggest sport in America today but still there was a grudage between the AFL and NFL to see who had the better teams that were in there legue but before this happen the AFL and NFC became conferences and had divisons. This lead to the first superbowl game the Kanas City Chiefs the AFL champions and the Greenbay Packers the NFL champions. The winner was the Greenbay Packers at the superbowl this started the legecy as the Vince Lombardi Trophy was named after the Packers head coach.
After the many years passed and team coming and going and moving places theses are the years of NFL teams enter the NFL starting with the arizona cardinals in 1920 but being called the chicago cardinals conferance they played for the NFC.Also in 1920 the chicago Bears became the team conferences the NFC.Next the Greenbay Packers in 1921 conferances NFC.In 1925 the NewYork Giants made there debutes as a NFL team and there conferances NFC.In 1930 the Detriot Lion made there apparances in 1930 in NFL there conferences NFC. In 1932 the Washgtion Redskins orginally the Boston Braves conferances NFC. In 1933 The Pittsburgh Steelers orginally the Pittsburgh Pirates conferances AFC and the Eagles conferance NFC. In 1937 the St.Louis Rams were in the NFL orginally the Cleveland Rams conferances NFC. In 1950 two teams were interduced the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers the Browns conferances AFC 49ers the NFC.In 1953 the Indianapolis Colts orginally the Baltimore Colts conferances AFC. In 1960 the Dallas Cowboys were interduced conferances NFC. 1961 the Minnesota Vikings interduce as a NFC teams.In 1966 the Alanta Falcans were interduced as a NFC team. In 1967 the New Orleans Saints were interduced as a NFC team too. The AFL and NFL merger teams in 1970 all AFC teams the New England Patriots orginally in Boston. The Bufflo Bills, Cincinatti Bengals, Denver Broncoes,the Houston Oilders eventually changing to the Tennessee Tittans.The Kanas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphines, New York Jets Oakland Raiders now called the Las Vegas Raiders. The Sandiego Chargers now called the Los angeles Chargers. In 1976 the Seattle Seahawks and Tempa Buccaneers both in the NFC.In the 1995 the Carliona Panthers a NFC team and the Jacksonville Jaguars and in 1977 the Baltimore Ravens were interduce as a AFC team and in 2002 the Houston Texans were in the NFL they are a AFC team.