The NFL is split in two conferances that have 4 divisons in each conferences each four divison are named after the location of the teams are at.The four divisons are called North,South,East,West but dependences on wich conferences the team is in. If the team is in the AFC then you would put a AFC in front the divison same for NFC you would put NFC front the location example AFC North and NFC North.

AFC-American Football Conference this divison has a total of 16 teams the divison was formed in 1970 but was orginally called the AFL the American football legue intill the merge happen.NFC-National Football Conference this divison has 16 teams was formed in the 1970 when the merge happen theses were seperate football programs at one time intill the merge happen making this one football program called the NFL-The National Football Legue this was the start of pro football all in America.

Rules of the NFL-There is many NFL rules but this webpage will show the basics.

Offense- Theres only two ways to use offense in the NFL by running the ball and passing the ball the offense team comes out when the other team punts the ball or if there is a lost of downs.Only way to score is to drive down the field against the defense and get first downs every ten yards there is a first down,when you again the first down your downs will restart to first and ten when ypu pick up a first down you only got four downs to score and if you cant get a first down and its fourth down then you will have to punt or try to get the first down but if you fail to get the first down you will turn the ball over to the other team. But if you succesfully drive down the field and to the end zone you can get a touchdown thats six points and then a extra point kick to make it seven or a field goal thats three points and a kicker has to kick it between the field goal poals.

Defense-Defense wins championships that what the saying is and it true most of the time but theres many coverages and plays to stop the offense for scoreing there is man coverage,zone coverage,press coverage and many more but the many goal is to get the offense off the field for your team can go on offense and can score. To stop the offense you will have to make the offense punt or force a turn over on downs but you can also have a turn over by getting a fumble or intercepetion.A fumble is a turnover by taking the ball from the arms of a palyer and amking them lose the football and be recovered by the other team. A interception is a catch by a player on defense by the quarterback on offense.

Special teams- Special teams are the return team and punt teams players who are on the field when theres a punt also when the field goal team is on the field goal kick.Objectives is to score on offense and defense dont let them score.