Players make the game here are all the postions on offense and defense and the best players of those postions.

Running back- A player who carrys a ball on run plays and could be passed too.Best running backs Walter Payton team the Chicago Bears , Berry Sanders team Detriot Lions, Bo Jackson, Tim Allen Oakland Raiders, Marshaw Lynch Seattle Seahawks, Terrel Davis Denver Broncoes. Jerion Bettis, Franco harris Pittsburgh Steeelers. O.J Simpson Bufflo Bills, Eric Dickson Marshal Faulk St.Louis Rams and La Rams, Adrian Peterson Minnsota Vikings. Highlights:Walter Payton Berry Sanders Marshawn Lynch.

Quarterbacks-A palyer who passes the football to recivers and running back usally the leader and conducter on the field also a player that can make or break your team. Best Quarterbacks- Tom Brady team New England Patriots, Kurt Warner St.Lousi Rams, Peyton Manning team Indianaplosi Colts. Bret Favre Greenbay Packers. John Elway Denver Broncoes, Terry Bradshw team Pittsburgh Steelers, Michael Vick team Alanta Falcans, Arron Rodgers team Greenbay Packers.Arron Rodgers Bret Favre Peyton Manning John Elway Tom brady

Wide receivers- A wide receiver is the player who catches the ball most and players who run routes to catch the ball. Best wide receivers Jerry Rice team San francisco 49ers, Randy Moss team New England Patriots, Calvin Johnson team Detroit Lions. Terrell Owens Dallas Cowboys, Julio Jones team Atlanta Falcons, Antonio Brown and lynn Swann team Pittsburgh Steelers, Ed Reed team Buffalo Bills, Cris Carter team Minnesota Vikings,Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys,Michael Irvin team Dallas Cowboys, Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals.

Jerry Rice Randy Moss Larry Fitzgerald Antonio Brown

Offense of line-Offensive line job is to protect the quarterback and the running back when they run by blocking for them and the quarterback. The best offensive lineman-Anthony Munoz team Cincinnati Bengals, Walter Jones team Seattle Seahawks,Mike Webster team Pittsburgh Steelers, John Ogden team Baltimore Ravens. Gene Upshaw team New Orleans Saints. Larry Allen team Dallas Cowboys.

Linebackers- Linebackers play on defense there suppose to stop runs and passes in the middle of the field by covering wide receivers.The best Linebackers Jack lambert and Jack Ham team Joey Porter, Greg Lloyd,Kevin Greene Pittsburgh Steelers. Ray Lewis team Baltimore Ravens,Lawrence Taylor team New York Giants,Dick Butkus team Chicago Bears, Clay Matthews team Green bay packers, Luke kuechly Carolina Panthers.

Ray Lewis Lawrence Taylor Jack Lambert

Cornerbacks- Defensive position there job is to shut down the receivers on offense and disrupt passes from the quarterback. Best Cornerbacks Deion Sanders teams Atlanta Falcons and Cowboys, Darrelle Revis team New York Jets, Night Train Lane team Detroit Lions,Champ Bailey team Denver Broncos,Mel Blount team Pittsburgh Steelers,Ty Law team New England Patriots, Richard Sherman team Seattle Seahawks, Ronnie Lott team San Francisco 49ers.

Darral Revis Deion Sanders

Defense of line-Defense of line job is to get through the blockers on offense and get to the quarterback for a sack or turnover or just disrupt the play. Best Defense of lineman are J.J Watt team the Houston Texans, Reggie White team Green Bay Packers. John Randle team Seattle Seahawks, Carlos Dunlap team Cincinnati Bengals,DeMarcus Ware team Dallas Cowboys. Mean joe Green team Pittsburgh Steelers. Von miller team Denver Broncoes.

J.J Watt Mean Joe Green Von Miller