This will be the history of every team and how they made an impact in the NFL by divisions.

AFC North
The Cleveland Browns started in 1946 under the AFL they won many championships but they were not in the NFL they had not have much success lately last time they made the playoff was in 2002.But that's no there worst problem they had many quarterback become starters and fail and replace them the next year with a new qb.There colors are orange and brown a owner is Paul Brown naming the team after him there nickname for the fans are the dog pound.This team hasn't been successful for a while but is a major staple in the NFL and has one of the most loyal fan base.

Cincinnati Bengals-The Bengals entered the NFL during the merger the team had success and went to two super bowls against the 49ers and lost both in the last minutes in the game against the Joe montana and Jerry Rice's 49ers.Since 2011 the bengals went to the playoffs every year besides 2016 but lost all playoff appearances drafting for the bengals has be kind to do them getting players like AJ Green.Team owner Mike Brown nickname Who-Day logo is a B with bengal tiger stripes through it colors black and orange stadium Paul Brown Stadium.

The Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the most successful Football teams ever Steelers won a total of six super bowl the most in the NFL. Steelers draft history is good too having 24 hall of fame players and future players likely going in the Hall of Fame owner Arthur Rooney jr. Rooney who just recently died in 2017.Steelers Stadium is Heinz Field only few stadiums that has grass still team phrase Here we go Steelers Fanbase nickname Steeler Nation tradition of the Steeler is the terrible towel that represents all steelers fans and Steelers team and colors are black yellow.Steelers name came from the steel factory and the logo is the Steel factory logo to tribute to the hard work of steel mill workers.

Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens are a successful franchise who won two superbowls and had legendary players like Ray Lewis,Terrell Suggs,Steve Smith sr. Last superbowl win was in 2013 against the 49ers in the game called “the blackout game”.There name came from school students giving the idea of a team called Ravens after the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe who wrote the poem The Raven the Poet was born in Baltimore.Team colors purple and black team owner Steve Bisciotti stadium name M&T Bank Stadiums current the team has battled injuries most still competing close to be AFC north champions and win a Superbowl.Located Baltimore, Maryland the logo is a raven with a B on the raven.

AFC East
The Patriots- Another really successful sport teams in the NFL the Patriots won five super bowls the second most with the cowboys and 49ers. Since Tom Brady started with the Patriots he became one of the best qbs of all time and has won four superbowls and the Patriots having one of the best coaches Bill Belichick since that duo they only lost one first round playoff game and has one of most successful dynasties in the 21st century.Team colors blue and red team owner Robert Kraft stadium name Gillette stadium logo like a Patriot hat on a person. This team came in during the merger. Slogan do your job fan chants go pats go.

New York Jets- The New York Jets had success winning the third Super Bowl and was the first team to win a Superbowl that was in the AFC conferences. Since 2009 this team's been up and down and trying to draft a quarterback but none has been successful as the jets wanted.Team colors green and white logo is a football with NY under the World Jets spelled out.Owner Woody Johnson. Stadium name Metlife Stadium Fan chants is J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!
Buffalo Bills- The buffalo bill were one of the most talented teams in NFL history when they had Jimmy kelly and his inventive offense making it to four straight super bowls a NFL record but the Buffalo Bills lost all four in a row.After the four falls of buffalo they don't do that great the last time buffalo make the playoff is 1999 but they do draft Marshawn Lynch one of the best Running backs of all time.The teams owners is Terrence Pegula and Kim Pegula.Team colors are blue and red team logo is a blue outline of a buffalo with a red stripe on it. The Stadium of the Bills is called New Era Field.

The Miami Dolphins- The dolphins had a successful franchises by winning back to back super bowls and in 1972 only team to win with a perfect season. The drafting had been some successful by drafting a hall of fame QB Dan Marino and drafting Ryan Tannehill. There colors teal and orange logo is Dolphin diving through a hoop located in Miami Florida Stadium is called Hard Rock Stadium. Owner's name is Stephen M. Ross and their mascot name is TD.

AFC South
The Indianapolis Colts- The Colts won two super bowls there was many talented players who played for the Colts Peyton Manning one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL Marvin harris a hall of famer and reggie bush and current day players Andrew Luck and Ty Hilton. This team is located in Indianapolis, Indiana there Stadium name is called Lucas Oil Stadium there GM is called Chris Ballard. Team colors is blue and white and there logo is a horseshoe that is blue.

Tennessee Titans- The titans went to one Super Bowl and lost by a tackle one yard short from the yard line against the Rams. The last playoff appearances was in 2008.They had drafted some good players as Chris Johnson aka CJ2K because of his speed and was the fastest of all time now having Marcus Mariota and a good upcoming team.There logo is a shield with a T on it and flames coming off the shield. Team colors blue and white. There are many team owners and their mascot is called T-Rac and their stadium is called Nissan Stadium located in Nashville Tennessee.

Houston Texans- Houston Texans are the newest team in the NFL introduced in 2002 this team doesn't have much history but have a two time Defensive MVP J.J Watt and a talented wide receiver Deandre Hopkins team but struggling to get a QB to fix their offense and complete the puzzle and did go in the playoffs in 2016 season team colors red and blue logo is a bull or long horn with the texas flag covering the outline of the bull. Stadium name is called NRG stadium there GM name is Ricky Smith team colors red and blue.

Jacksonville Jaguars- The jacksonville Jaguars are second to last team introduced in the NFL.The Jacksonville jaguars made a couple of playoff appearances and latest 2007 Stadium name Everbank field this stadium has a swimming pool hanging off the stadium. Team colors Teal and gold and black logo is a Jaguars face. There helment is the only helmet with two colors on it black and gold. Owners name Shahid Khan.

AFC West
Denver Broncos- A successful Sports team winning three super bowls with two being with John Elway and Peyton Manning two legendary quarterbacks and having successful players Terrell Davis and Shana Sharp that helped with the super bowls and drafting Von Miller who became a defense MVP. Team colors blue and orange. Stadium name Sports Authority field team owners name is John Elway Logo is a Bronco and mascot is named Miles.

Las Vegas Raiders-The Las Vegas Raiders originally called the Oakland Raiders but announcing in 2017 that the Raiders are moving to lost Vegas. The raiders had legendary players like charles woodson and now Marshawn Lynch. They have won three superbowls and had a legendary Coach John Madden.This team made the playoffs in 2016 it's been awhile since this happening as the Raiders are on a rise in 2017. Team colors silver and black logo a guy with a eye patch team current stadium Alameda Coliseum. The Owner's name Mark Davis.

The Los angeles Chargers- The Los Angeles Chargers were the San Diego Chargers but they announced that they are moving to LA.The charger never won a superbowl but had good draft picks Lederius Thomas and Philip rivers there playoff record is 10 in 6.There logo is a lighting bolt there team colors are blue and yellow. There stadium name is Stubhub Center there owners name is Alex Spanos

Kansas City Chiefs-.The kansas city chiefs were the first team to play as a AFC team in the Super Bowl. They won one superbowl. They had good player as Alex Smith and have one of the loudest stadiums the stadiums set records for being the loudest. Team colors red and orange and white.Stadium name is Arrowhead Stadium. There logo is a arrowhead with the letters KC over the the arrow head. Owners name Clark Hunt.

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