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Info about dogs!


The Shar-Pei is a very old dog breed, during those years they have gained an odd physical trait, a broad “hippopotamus” muzzle, a blue-black (or purple) tongue, small sunken eyes with a scowling expression, tiny triangular ears, abundant folds of loose skin about the head, neck, and shoulders; the tapered high-set tail—all blanketed by a harsh, sandpapery coat. The word Shar-Pei litteraly translates to Sand skin which represents their coat. The puppies are very cute are wrinkly, but when they get older they grow into their wrinkles, but if your lucky yours might have some wrinkles left when they're adults. The Shar-Pei are also guard dogs so they are alert, that is what they did during ancient china, i would only have one though because they could fight the other, so one will be good enough, maybe a Shar-Pei and another dog. They are very calm and usually sleep most of the day, depending on how high of energery your Pei has is how much they are alert and running around the house on guard. If you have a low energy or a more calm one they will probably sleep most of the day but they still will protect you.

For more infomation about the Shar-Pei Go to AKC (American Kennel Club) - View

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