League History

Monroe High school has had a great deal of successes and wonderful achievements over the years in a variety of sports. From semi-state finalists in football to having four straight years of teams taking runner up at districts and even eventually state.

But where have we been league wise in our school's history, because we have never been in the same league in our history.

Monroe was a part of the MMl which contained many D1 schools that were very dominant in sports since the first year playing until 2004-2005 where Monroe Joined the SWBL and began competing in 2006-2007 seasons.



Women's Records

100m-12.8 Stacey Williams(1993)
200m-26.9 Stacey Williams(1993)
400m-1:01.9 K.Davis/K. McMcmonigle(1987/2002)
800m2:28.11 Emily McMurry(2017)
1600m-5:17.92 Rachel Ploeger(2017)
3200m-11:11.15 Rachel Ploeger(2017)
5k(Track)-19:22.23 Alayna Garver(2017)
5k(Xc)-18:02 Rachel Ploeger(2017)
100m Hurdles-15.7 Stacey Williams(1993)
300m Hurdles-49.5 Stacey Willaims(1993)
4x100 Relay-52.86 Allen, Richardson, Turner, Pierce (2007)
4x200 Relay-1:50.5 D. Williams, K. Davis, K. Chaney, Pierce(1987)
4x400 Relay-4:19.9 Aaliyha Johnson, Tara Morris, Kailey Ivins, Katie Shaffer(2015)
4x800 Relay-10:24.65 R. Ploeger, A. Garver, A. Clements, K. Shafer(2016)
SMR 800m-2:12 Monroe(2015)
4xMile Relay-24:55 K. Davis, E. McMurry, A. Garver, A. Handorf(2017)
High Jump-5'5.25" Jenna Hensley(2017)
Long Jump-16'8" Rachelle Edwards(1985)
Pole Vault-9'6" Lindsay Bellaw(2008)
Discus-119'11" Pat Carpenter(1988)
Shot Put-37'11.5" Patty Tannereuther(1975)


Men's Records

100m-10.8 Jacob Vires(2015)
200m-22.14 Jacob Vires(2015)
400m-50.56 Jacob Vires(2015)
800m2:00.55 Thryceton Deckard(2017)
1600m-4:25.07 Justin Brittain(1987)
3200m-9:42.49 Seth Darrell(2005)
5k(Track)-16:58 Christian Leach(2018)
5k(Xc)-16:26 Christian Leach(2017)
110m Hurdles-14.5 Tim Pringle(1983)
300m Hurdles-39.5 Tim Pringlez(1983)
4x100 Relay-43.34 A. Bannister , T. Davis, T. Kaiser, J. Vires(2015)
4x200 Relay-1:30.99 M. Miree, J. Vires, A. Brasford, A. Hall(2013)
4x400 Relay-3:26.89 T. Kaiser, A. hall, J. Vires, M. Miree(2013)
4x800 Relay-8:33.0 A. Ledford, D. Needham, D. Cuver, S. Darrell(2003)
SMR 800m-1:45.93 Monroe(2015)
4xMile Relay-20:37 T. Deckard, C. Cooper, C. Leach, R. Hoegeman(2017)
High Jump-6'7" Bradan McMonigle(2008)
Long Jump-22'2" Jesse Thompson(1978)
Pole Vault-14'6" Jim Brooks(1973)
Discus-157'7" Gerhart Hunter(1977)
Shot Put-54'11.5" Dan Wells(1975)
One Mile-4:29.5 Alex Fultz(1958)


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