Blast Mask

The Blast Mask is obtained after saving the Old Lady from the Bomb Shop from being robbed. On the First Day at midnight, the Old Lady will enter North Clock Town. At exactly 12:00 am, the thief Sakon will steal her bag full of Big Bomb BagsLink must attack him with a Sword, causing Sakon to drop the luggage and preventing him from stealing the Bomb Bags. After Sakon leaves the scene, the Old Lady will reward Link with the Blast Mask.

According to a Gossip Stone, the mask is filled with gunpowder, enabling its exploding abilities. While wearing the mask, the B button is replaced with the word "Explode." When B is pressed, an explosion will occur from the mask, much in the same way that a Bomb explodes. Link can use the mask in place of Bombs. Using the mask inflicts damage to Link. However, if Link uses his Shield while using the mask, he will not receive any damage from the explosion. The mask becomes black and transparent for fifteen seconds after exploding and cannot be used again until it recharges and its opacity returns. In Majora's Mask 3D, the mask does not turn transparent after being used and takes only ten seconds to recover.