Bunny Hood

The mask increases Link's running speed and allows him to jump farther when worn. A second, minor function of the mask is to let an on-screen timer be displayed during the Postman's "count to 10 seconds" minigame to aid Link in stopping right at 10 seconds. It is given to Link by Grog in the Cucco Shack in Romani Ranch. Grog laments how he wishes he could see the Cucco chicks he watches over grow into adults, but since the Moon will be falling in three days, he no longer has the time. If Link equips the Bremen Mask and begins marching around the Shack, the chicks will follow him as he walks in their proximity. If Link stops his march, all of the chicks will disband. Once Link has all 10 chicks following him, they will all turn into adult Cuccos. Grog is amazed and thanks Link by giving him the Bunny Hood.