Kamaro's Mask


Kamaro's Mask is given to Link by the spirit of Kamaro. Kamaro appears in Termina Field near the Snowhead area on top of a mushroom-like tree. He appears between midnight and 4 AM on the First or Second Day, where some music can be heard. Kamaro is afraid that his dance moves will never be passed down to the new generation, and asks that Link rest his soul. By playing the "Song of Healing", his musical talent will be encased inside the Mask. He entrusts the hero with his final request, to spread his dance across the world.

The Mask, when worn, allows Link to perform Kamaro's dance. While in West Clock Town at night, Link can find the Rosa Sisters trying to come up with a dance for the Carnival of Time. If Link stands in front of them and performs the dance, they will learn it and thank him, calling Link "master" and giving him a Piece of Heart.