Keaton Mask



The Keaton Mask can be used to summon a Keaton. To do this, Link must stand in any ring of moving bushes and cut them all before they disappear. Once summoned, he will ask Link questions about the game, each with three choices. There are a total of thirty questions that could possibly be asked. If Link gets all of the correct, the young hero will be awarded with a Piece of Heart. If a question is answered incorrectly, Link must leave the area and then come back to try again.

The Keaton Mask Link receives in Majora's Mask was given to Kafei when he was little by the Man from Curiosity Shop.

Kafei wears the Mask to keep his identity hidden from the residents of Clock Town. The Keaton Mask is obtained from the Man from the Curiosity Shop in Kafei's hideout, after delivering the Letter to Kafei. It requires Link to go to Kafei's hideout at 1:00 in the afternoon on the Final Day.