Mask of Scents

The Mask of Scents is given to Link by the Deku Butler after finishing his race. After clearing the Woodfall Temple and bringing the Deku Princess back to the Deku Palace, Link can talk to the Deku Butler, who is waiting to meet the hero in the Deku Shrine outside of the palace. Once there, he will ask Link to race him. If Link manages to keep up, the Deku Butler will say how it reminds him of racing with his son, and then gives him the Mask of Scents in return. The mask was also originally owned by his son.

When worn, the mask imbues Link with the ability to sniff for the scent of Magic Mushrooms, which can be given to Kotake to create Blue Potions. Magic Mushrooms appear as clouds of purple mist and can be scooped into a Bottle.