Stone Mask

To obtain the mask, Link must use the Lens of Truth to find the invisible soldier Shiro. After relating his story of woe, he will ask that Link give him something to cure him. To do this, Link must give him a Red or Blue Potion; if he does, Shiro will give Link the Stone Mask in return.

In Majora's Mask, Shiro can be found on the Road to Ikana.In Majora's Mask 3D, Shiro can be found in the Pirates' Fortress.

When worn, the mask causes Link to become "plain as a stone," thus allowing him to walk through most of Termina undetected. This is especially useful inside the Pirates' Fortress, where Link will be thrown out if caught. It can also be used in Ikana Canyon to enter the Music Box House even when Pamela is near the door looking at the river. While wearing it, Link generally does not need to worry about being attacked. However, it does not fool bosses or mini-bosses, as well as several other enemies such as Gerudo Pirates.

It can also be used in the Ocean Fishing Hole to catch a Bashful Angler fish.