Justin's Beat prices and music promotion prices.

$1000 ( Exclusive) Sell unlimited copies, Wav, mp3, and trackout stems. After purchase has been verified, the beat is souley yours.
$2000 ( unlimited Lease) Sell unlimited copies, lease duration is 6 months. wav and mp3 format. I still own the beat.
$300 ( wav lease) Wav format, sell 5,000 copies. Lease duration is 4 months. i still own the beat.
$400 ( wav trackout lease)Wav and trackout stems. Sell 3,000 copies. I still own the beat. Lease duration is 8 months.
$100 ( mp3 lease) Mp3 format. Lease duration is 2months, cannot be uploaded to major streaming platforms such as spotify, Apple music, etc... can only be uploaded to soundcloud. I still own the beat.