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The Viking were powerful warriors that had war on the mind at all times from the poor farmers to the nobility most if not all vikings had a type of weapon. While the wealthy had Armor And Helmets but when you think of vikings you think of a brutish man of a mountain with a helmet with horns poking out who can throw an axe with one hand and block in the other but you’d be slightly wrong.

You'd be surprised to know there is no evidence that Vikings actually wore helmets with horns on them this was mainly stemmed from advertising from media and just general misconceptions as well as the helmets most were not just mountain men that were like six foot and hulked over everything but on the contrary they were pretty short about 5.6ft for men and 5.1ft for women.

And on the topic of women they were pretty free they could own property,request a divorce and reclaim dowries if marriage if the man's life was cut short and if something were to happen to the men than women would have full control over the family farm and took over the duties that normally a man would have this was just a way of life for most which was not all bad they didn't go hungry and that's because they were pretty well armed 

on the terms of the age they were armed with a decent amount of weaponry but most of it was metal and sticks together to make a hand axe or wooden shields but some had armor if you can call it that most of it was leather gambesons or hide from an animal and a metal helmet but it protected them for the most part throughout the age of the viking.

With All of this talk of armor and weapons the actually sets were intimidating enough with armor that covered their faces with chainmail such as the image below shows

These parties of vikings were known as raiding parties they did a island hoping technic and would raid one island after another but their arsenal was not the best but just a start for what would come in the future as shown by the image below.

This was their very first advancement of weaponrary out of sticks and stones

with their weapons and armor they had their protection for the head