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The Age Of Bronze but not the time of neanderthals but the age of intellectual ideas in speaking of course the age of greece this age has a large impact on how people think of intellectuals today this is when ideas started to flourish and start to begin the kind of the stepping stones into modern philosophy then why you ask would I be talking of the time of greece which i'm glad you asked the age of greece is also the development of modern military tactics and armor while also birthing one of the most well known group in human history im speaking of the spartans of course.

These ruthless warriors were born to fight when they were just a child to fight and breath war but they aren't the only ones around during the time I'm speaking of course of the Athenians they were less about war and more into the arts and learning and philosophy but these two groups both have more in common than you may think.

Particularly the type of armor and weapons they both used the basic soldier wore a bronze helmet and breastplate while carrying an oversized shield with a spear and sword their main difference was how they organized their governments and just in general how life was for each group while the athens had more democratic system and the Spartans had more of an oligarchy which makes these two groups very diverse but similar in how they use their weapons and use their abilities


These Warriors Needed Armor As Shown Below

With Armor They Also Had Weapons As Shown Below

Their Armor and weapons certain armor had very specific helmets for reconizablity