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The Roman Soldier the peak of military strategy,superiority and discipline by having top armor and weapons of their time with most if not all legionaries wearing overlapping iron plates held with leather and brass clasps it was so heavy to wear that soldiers wore a tunic underneath for padding. This was just a way these soldiers of peak performance worked by also having a sword at their side and an oversized shield and a spear poking out these soldiers were a force to be reckoned with.

That also mean't they were disciplined in how to use their weapons and properly protect themselves which in turn mean't they were well versed in the art of war by having rigorous training of marching for days on end with all of their equipment on also by building roads and bridges also forts these soldiers were profound at getting the jump on their enemies by sneaking through rivers. These soldiers in general were just a killing machine with their ways of being decisive and consistent with their Armor and Weapons that helped them overcome most if not all challenges.

Their arsenal consisted of mainly of bronze armor with a helmet face pads to protect their faces and a bronze plate armor that went all round their bodies protecting their vital organs but not their arms and legs this had a tunic under it to stop the chafing from the armor this wasn't the only part of the arsenal with their spears known as Hasta and Fi the enemy got close the soldier was equipped with gladius which is a small sword usually equipped to the side of the soldier and these are the last part of defence with the shield being the main stopping force for any charging soldier.

The Armor is most well known by Shown Below

But A soldier needs his weapons Shown Below

The Head Protection As Shown Below